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Local Ger Guesthouse

What is local guest house? Some of nomadic people, live within national park area, have their own small business for ger accommodation for backpackers. Staying there gives you a chance to get closely acquainted with the way of life and culture of the Mongolian people. 

A local ger guesthouse at Ongi Monastery Ruins in Middle Gobi.

The ger accommodation.

Inside view of the ger accommodation of the local ger guesthouse. You should bring your own sleeping bag. Also they provide extra blanket if you will need.

They usually cook traditional Mongolian meals for you.

Eating meal in outside is fun. Camels looking you. Most of the local ger guesthouses have their own cattle.

Staying in local ger guesthouse is fun. Most of the local ger guesthouses are real nomadic people and they have their own cattle. So you can see or participate daily job of the nomadic people.

There is no electricity at the some local ger guesthouses specially located far away from village or town.

Most of local ger guesthouses do not have formal toilets, so you can expect to find is a designated toilet trench that may be screened on three sides. No showering facilities will be available.