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Tourist Ger Camp

 ?  What is tourist ger camp of Mongolia? Sometimes called as ger eco lodge, tourist lodge, tourist camp etc. Here is clear explanation with pictures about the tourist ger camps of Mongolia. 

Out of the city, ger camps are the most commonly available full service facilities for tourists. Tourist ger camps use the traditional home of Mongolian nomads, the felt covered ger, as guest rooms.

Mongol Gobi tourist ger camp at Bayanzag, Gobi Desert.

Khustai tourist ger camp view

Khustai tourist ger camp at Khustai National Park, Around Ulaanbaatar


The tourist ger camps have 20-30 gers and each ger normally has between 2 and 4 single beds in it, along with a traditional stove, a simple table, and sometimes cupboards and wash stands.

Guests' gers of Gobi Mirage tourist ger camp in Gobi Desert)

A Ger room of Amarbayasgalant Urgii tourist ger camp near Amarbayasgalant Monastery, North Mongolia


Inside view of a ger of Mongol Gobi tourist ger camp in Bayanzag, Gobi Desert

In the cold night, staff make fire in the stove for heating

Restaurant & Food Service

In a separate building or big ger could be restaurant or dining room of the tourist ger camp and sometimes a bar or a recreation room.

Restaurant building of Juulchin Gobi-2 tourist ger camp at Khongor Sand Dune, Gobi Desert

Inside view of the restaurant of Terelj Lodge at Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

The breakfasts are different by the tourist camps. But all of the tourist ger camps serve western styled breakfast in the morning. The breakfast usually included fried egg, toast, bred, butter, jum glass of juice, some buscuits and tea or coffee. Some of them give mongolian traditional noodle soup which usually typecal breakfast of mongols.
They usually serve vegetable (potato, carrots etc) salad in first and then soup. Soup could be western or Mongolian traditional which oriented to tourists. Then they provide main course which is Russian styled or traditional Mongolian. They portion is large. At the end provide dessert like candy or pie.
Like the lunch. But usually no soup. 

Shower & Toilet

There will generally be a central building that houses hot water showers, sinks, and western style toilets. This building will be some distance from your ger.

Shower and toilet facility building of Erdene Ukhaa tourist ger camp at Baga Gazar Rocks, Middle Gobi Desert.

Hand washing facilitities of Juulchin Gobi 2 tourist ger camp at Khongor Sand Dune in Gobi Desert.

Shower facilities of Terelj Lodge tourist ger camp at Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. 

A toilet of Gobi Mirage tourist ger camp in Gobi Desert.


Some tourist ger camps are connected to central electricity line and has 24 hours electricity. But some of the tourist ger camps which are located far away from the settlement area have a generator and on it in the dark evening for the lighting and off before people sleep in the tourist ger camp. Also lighting from solar charged batteries for some part of the night, allowing you to have light for using the washroom facilities, reading, charging your camera gear etc.