Mongolia Winter Tours & Festivals

Mongolia Winter Tours & Festivals

We agree that winters here are long and harsh, with temperatures here typically ranging from -20°C to – 45°C degrees. Most tourists flock here in summer to enjoy the comfortable temperatures and see the vast landscapes of wide open country and nomadic culture. But taking a holiday out of the city was a quite literal breath of fresh air, and so, so beautiful. Plus it was totally empty!

Travel Mongolia to experience a winter culture like you’re never seen before – an outdoor enthusiast’s dreams. Discover Ice festival on the freshest watered Lake Khuvsgul and Camel Show in Gobi desert and participate in Mongols’ Luner New Year Celebration Ceremony. Did you consider visiting Western Mongolia and the Kazakh eagle hunters there? It starts in October and it’s only in the winter season where you can go with an eagle hunter. A truly unique experience.

Winter clothing?

If you have the cash and baggage space we would say stock up here, as the clothes are both awesome and cheap. Of course you’ll need enough to get by till then. As well as, for all of our winter trips, we provide traditional felt boots and can provide winter deel, a traditoinal long cloth, as well if you wish.

Where to stay? 

You’ll spend most nights in a ger – warming yourself by the stove. We’ll make a nice warm fire in your ger before you head to bed, and we’ll provide plenty of wood so you can keep the fire going as you wish, although you will find that traditional Mongolian gers provide excellent insulation so hold heat extremely well. We will also make sure that in the morning you wake up to a nice warm ger!

A virtual winter wonderland to discover awaits you!

Short Winter Trips Around Ulaanbaatar

(a day) Gorkhi-Terelj National Park Winter Tour /Any date is possible/

(2 days) Gorkhi-Terelj & Khustai National Parks Winter Tour /Any date is possible/

Longer Winter Tours

(4 days) Gobi Bus Winter Tour /Any date is possible/

(4 days) Central Mongolian Winter Tour /Any date is possible/

Join Tours Of Winter Events

(2 days) Oriental Lunar New Year – White Moon Celebration Ceremony /16 Feb – 17 Feb/

(2 days) Golden Eagle Winter Festival /05 Mar – 06 Mar/

(4 days) Khuvsgul Lake Ice Festival Tour /01 Mar – 04 Mar/

(4 days) Gobi Desert Camel Festival Tour /05 Mar – 08 Mar/

You can tailor the trip by extending the itinerary or changing days etc. Alpha Team Tours is open for any idea. 

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