Mongols are historically nomadic people who are very love their horses. Mongols called horses as Molor Erdene means “Topaz Treasure”. In modern period, horses changed by cars and reliable off-road jeeps are most important for Mongolian man. That is why you might be surprised many huge jeeps running trough Ulaanbaatar when you arrive first time here.

TGM made some investment for buying several vehicle for our business and 2 of them is Toyota Land Cruiser-80 series. We are happy to show them to you. We send them to most rough terrain and hostile environments like wilderness area, mud, high mountains of west Mongolia, Gobi desert, North mud of Darkhad depression etc. Also in emergency situation. They can traveling faster and more reliable. Each jeeps usually done over 15000 km (9300 mile) road driving in per season in Mongolian road condition. Many foreigners are considered that Mongolia is worst road conditioned country in the world.

If you like to travel and go with our 2 vehicles, it is possible and you can ask from contacting manager supply the cars. Early booking guys ordered them and our staffs are drivers of the cars.

Right hand pictures are “Silver Arrow” and “Pearl Star”

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