Mongolia Tourist Ger Camp Booking

Mongolia Tourist Ger Camp Booking

Please choose your desired tourist ger camp by regions. First click on the attraction places and then find the tourist camp. 

  • Book your accommodation with most competitive prices for tourist ger camps across Mongolia
  • Easy compare rates and condition from our created and fully narrated template pages of each tourist ger camps
  • Online easy payment options and book online in a few steps
  • Better term and condition from contracted respected travel agency
  • Round the clock customer support   
? What is like ger camp?
Out of the city, ger camps are the most commonly available full service facilities for tourists. Tourist ger camps use the traditional home of Mongolian nomads, the felt covered ger, as guest rooms. more information…

Here is our contracted tourist ger camps & lodges.

Area Destination Entities
Around Ulaanbaatar Gorkhi-Terelj National Park Terelj Lodge
Khustai National Park Khustai Resort
Middle Gobi Desert Baga Gazar Rocks Erdene Ukhaa TGC
Tsagaan Suvarga Cliff Gobi Suvarga TGM
South Gobi Desert Yol Valley Juulchin Khanbogd TGC
Gobi Mirage TGC
Khongor Sand Dune Juulchin Gobi 2 TGC
Gobi Erdene TGC
Gobi Anar TGC
Bayanzag Mongol Gobi TGC
Three Camel Lodge
Middle Gobi Desert Ongi Monastery Ruin Secret of Ongi TGC
Saikhan Gobi TGC
Central Mongolia Karakorum Khan Taij TGC
Ugii Lake Ugii TGC
Orkhon Waterfall Orkhon Tushee TGC
Khorgo-Terkh National Park Ikh Khorgo TGC
Maikhan Tolgoi TGC
North Mongolia Jargal Hot Spring Jargal Jiguur TGC
Khuvsgul Lake Nature Door TGC
Toilogt TGC
Khuvsgul Eco Lodge
Uran Extinct Volcano Unit TGC
Amarbayasgalant Monastery Amarbayasgalant Urguu TGC


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