Client’s Testimonials

Client’s Testimonials

Below testimonials, feedbacks and reviews are from our valued clients who traveled Mongolia with us. We want say “Thank you” to them who have left us their comments and allowed us to publish their stories.

We organize over 200 tours in a season. After every tour, we offer to our customers fill our Comment Page with the questionnaire & ask their satisfaction & evaluate the service. It is very hard to put all comment pages in this page. But we try on our best update it. Here you may see our customers few pictures (we are also not able to collect all pictures of them so we just published what we get) in Facebook page.

We hope you will enjoy reading their Mongolia experiences and also hope that their stories and suggestions will make you want to visit our beautiful country and make friends with the people. We at look forward to helping you organize an unforgettable trip.

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Here you can see & witness our customers live real comment pages from our last trips. We always evaluate our services. We also not modify our clients’ testimonials & we just post whether it is positive or negative. #TravelGobiMongolia

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We were looking for a very special adventure holiday in Mongolia in June 2017. A unique tour combining extreme sporty character on mountain bikes with beautiful landscapes in remote areas. After a long preparation phase involving a lot of research we have found an ideal tour operator fulfilling our special needs: Alpha Team Tour really did a great job putting a perfect adventure travel programme together for us. Thanks to Erdee and her team for realizing this difficult task. We are already looking forward to our next Mongolia tour in 2011.

–Monique, France

Thank you for this wonderful holiday, we really enjoyed our Mongolia tour. The most memorable thing was the adventure caving, because it was really exciting and something special. We will never forget our adventure holiday and we always remember Mongolia and its people. Visiting your country was a very special experience and I hope that many more tourists and travelers will discover the beauty of one of the most exciting spots on earth, Mongolia.Multi Activity Mongolia

–Ray, USA

Mongolia is a beautiful country, with a host of historic sites and wonderful people. But traveling to a new country and not speaking the language can be a daunting experience. The beauty of planning this trip through TGM was that by the time I was ready to leave essentially all my concerns had been laid to rest by Hasmik, who patiently and promptly answered all my questions. Also, when I was in Mongolia I found that TGM staff not only were knowledgeable but very adept at making sure that all the little details of the trip were taken care of. If one is interested in seeing Mongolia, which I would recommend, then TGM is the way to go.Best of Mongolia

–Maude and Tereza, Austria

Thank you so much for a brilliantly planned and wonderfully executed tour through Altai. It simply couldn’t have been any better. Our favorite part of the trip was the visit to the wine makers at their home, the people were so outgoing and generous. Thank you again.Grand Altai

–Joe, UK

I had a great time on Mongolia Trekking Tour with Bayasaa as our guide. We walked that exact terrain that I was looking for. I always felt safe with the guide’s choice of routes while still providing a challenging experience. I have already recommended your tour to my friends who are looking for an exciting trekking tour. Thank you for working with my schedule and placing me in such a dynamic group.Trekking Mongolia

–Hazel, USA

My plan to revisit Mongolia after 40 years was more than satisfied when I chartered a special custom-made archaeology tour through TGM. The tour was wonderfully planned and executed. My son and I were so thrilled to see the beautiful Mongolian landscape and her ancient sites. Working with Hasmik was very pleasant — she helped us out at every step in the planning process and our driver, Artak, was kind and courteous—what else could we ask for?Archaeology Mongolia

–Peter, Germany

With our club team we were looking for a hiking tour of Mongolia and were lucky to find TGM. Well-organised walks, expert guide, beautiful scenery, excellent food all this made our 10 days in Mongolia a fun and challenging experience. Enormous thanks for all your work on our behalf. Hiking Mongolia

–Nicole, France

The holiday was great, I enjoyed cycling through Mongolia. The choice of routes was very good and we had a chance to see beautiful landscapes in the north and south of the country which are so different. The best part was travelling through local villages and meeting people. I loved Mongolia!Cycling Mongolia

–Mourad, USA

Mongolia left me with a mesmerizing emotion. I loved the country side, the villagers, the shepherds and the common folks. Yerevan on the other hand is just another city that did not play a role in my emotional stage. Thanks to TGM, my Mongolia travel was exciting to say the least. I will recommend it to all.Love Mongolia.Best of Mongolia

–Luc, France

Professionally planned and organized tour. The guide, Bandar, was very knowledgeable of the country, history, geology, plants and animals and had a great passion for his work. Nothing was a problem, he assisted us all the way through the trip and pointed out many opportunities for great shots. This tour is the best way to see Mongolia inside and outside.Photography Mongolia

–Sarah, USA

We had the most wonderful time in Mongolia. We created many happy memories, and I know that we will plan to return in the future. I also wanted to tell you how much we liked TGM team and appreciated all of you during our visit. I know our time in Mongolia went so smoothly because of your hard work and I wanted to thank you for everything! I think our favorite part of the trip was the lunch in Vandzor, and the trip to Echmiadzin. We will be telling others about your agency so that they can feel confident in their visit to Mongolia.Thank you again for making our trip memorable and fun. You are a treasure, and we loved Mongolia and the Mongolian people.Hiking Mongolia

–Pat, USA

Thanks for the best experience ever. We had such a fantastic time during our rally tour to Mongolia. It was definitely the best way to see Mongolia and we have already recommended it to all our friends. Thanks Hasmik and David, you guys were great. P.S. My son, Steven can’t stop taking about the trip!Rally Tour Mongolia

–Leslie, USA

MONGOLIA, a country not very well known in the rest of the world. But what a revelation when you go there and meet the Mongolians! We got acquainted with Hasmik from TGM and when we arrived at the airport they took us by the hand and during our 10 days’ stay showed us interesting places, the natural beauty of the mountains and the characteristic quality of people. Considering their history of repeated occupations, loss of parts of their country especially their most worshipped biblical mount ARARAT Mongolians are warm hearted, hospitable and have a great sense of humor. An important experience to us, people from the western world, was the safety in that country, where ladies can safely leave their handbags in the car without being stolen. There was no sign of criminality. We fully enjoyed this cultural tour. Of course you can go to Spain, Italy, France etc. but we strongly recommend that next time you go and visit Mongolia. When in the hands of TGM you will be a happy and welcome visitor.

–Thomas, Germany

An absolute perfect cooking week for me. The tour felt like a week spent hanging out with good friends over great wine and food! Our hosts managed to teach us tons of wonderful regional recipes while maintaining a really fun atmosphere. Thank you everyone at TGM for putting together this wonderful tour for us.

–Sean and Maude, USA

Einen guten Tag nach Yerevan, liebe Hasmik!Sie haben sich nach unserer Heimkehr nach Deutschland eine “short message” von uns gewunscht. Das machen wir sehr gern.Die Wochenendfahrt nach Tatev war sehr interessant. Die Sehenswurdigkeiten von Noravank, Tatev und dem Steinfeld waren so eindrucksvoll, wie wir sie in den Kunstbeschreibungen erklaert fanden. Doch es gab zusaetzlich noch gute, unerwartete Ueberraschungen. Mit einem Hoehlenfuehrer konnten wir in die geheimnisvolle Welt von Tropfsteinhoehlen klettern, .noch fast unberuehrt vom “grossen” Tourismus. Der anschliessende Besuch in einer Familie (mit 3 Generaionen!) brachte uns in den direkten Kontakt mit der Lebensweise, den Freuden und Leiden in einem armenischen Dorf. Wir erlebten gastfreundliche Menschen, mit denen wir assen, diskutierten und lachten. Fuer uns war dies eine sehr eindrucksvolle und wichtige Ergaenzung unserer Armenienreise!Ich hoffe, Ihnen mit meiner Rueckmeldung nicht nur zu danken, sondern auch zu helfen bei Ihrer Arbeit.

–Walter und Elisabeth, Germany

Have you ever been to Mongolia to watch the birds? We have! It’s the best place in the whole world for what we seek – rare species, wonderful scenery. We just let the experts at TGM think of everything and handle all the details as we relaxed and enjoyed the trip. Please, if you’re not sure discuss it further with the staff at TGM. They are also great and aim to please you in every way they can.Bird Watching Mongolia

–Robert, Canada

Mongolia remains one of our World’s hidden jewels. The birth of Christian Europe, a country of contrasts, unspoiled antiquity. Unlike Italy and Greece, where ancient ruins have become buried under the weight of humanity, Mongolia remains pure. Pagan temples and ancient history clear to the eye. A most unexplored landscape with friendly people, deep roots, exceptional foods, and fabulous Brandy. If you are either a novice or a world traveler and have not visited Mongolia you have yet to see the cradle of our way of life. Rivals the traditional visitations to both historical and religious pasts. A Country that truly is the King of Kings. Would I travel there again. In a heartbeat.

–Daniel, The Netherlands

Traveling to Mongolia from my home city Amsterdam, I was expecting to find a country still living in the style of the former Soviet bloc. However, except for the look of the peaked caps of the friendly policemen, nothing really strongly reminded of that era. It was even the opposite! I discovered a cheerful, highly active and young society, eager to meet foreigners, ready to learn and living ‘outside’. The flower shops and fruit stalls in the streets of Yerevan, as well as the numerous open air terraces where you could enjoy all kinds of drinks and a freshly served meal, reminded me of the most lively cities in Europe and North America. Also, while being driven through this relatively small mountainous country with its ever changing landscapes, its historical and cultural sites, I encountered a lot of open and friendly people. There is only one slight, but also charming problem. If you do not happen to understand Mongolian or Russian, you might have to find your way through sign-language, or find an English speaking guide. The latter I definitely found while booking through TGM! I can highly recommend you to explore Mongolia ‘your way’.

–Frank and Rens, The Netherlands

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