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About Mongolia
our group customers are in Bayanzag
our group customers are in Bayanzag

When you travel Mongolia you will need clear information about how to travel Gobi Desert etc. The glory of Mongolia lies outside the city in the vast open landscapes – the mountains, desert and open steppe inhabited only by nomadic families with their herds of horses, camels and yaks.

  • Untouched, no agriculture last wilderness country in Asian continent
  • Lowest population density country in the world
  • Famous nomads & their unique life style
  • Great history of Genghis Khan
About Travel Gobi Mongolia
our 3 customers are on the camel in Khongor Sand Dune
our 3 customers are on the camel in Khongor Sand Dune

TGM is fully licensed tour operator & travel agency based in Ulaanbaatar city & Dalanzadgad town of Umnugobi (South Gobi) province. More detailed company information is here. Our company was established 2005. So we have 12 years experience. Meet with our team.

  • Fully licensed & reliable
  • Experienced team
  • Best prices
Gobi Desert Tours

Gobi Desert space mapAre you looking a nice Gobi Desert tour? Please check our many options & compare with others. TGM offers all types of Gobi vacations. Check our tours listed below:

  • Many options & great offer
  • Choose the packages on your budget. Standard & Budget Prices!
  • From 3 days to 14 days packages

South Gobi Desert Tours – Main tours of Gobi Desert. Has many options.

East Gobi Desert Tours – Some interesting tours of eastern part of Gobi Desert. We called it Dornogobi province. You can connect them with Chinese tours.

Gobi Desert Tours From Ulaanbaatar – The tours starts from Ulaanbaatar to Gobi Desert. Many options.

Gobi Special Offers – Very rare & very special offers of wilderness part of Gobi Desert.

Mongolia Most Popular Tours

Gobi Desert & Central Mongolia map

Here is some Gobi tours combined with Central Mongolia. Central Mongolia has beautiful steppe, mountain, river and lakes.

Gobi Desert + Central Mongolia Tour Options

Long Term Vacation Tours

Gobi Deser, Central Mongolia & North Mongolia map

Longer vacation options are here. Better rate & best itineraries.

  • More than 20 days tour itineraries for Mongolian vacation
  • Choose the packages on your budget. Standard & Budget Prices!
  • Departure confirmed tours

Gobi Desert + Central Mongolia + North Mongolia – combined Gobi Desert, Central Mongolia & North Mongolia in a itinerary. Check it now.

Group Scheduled, Long Term & Expeditions Tours – Here is our brand tour itineraries. Please check them out.

Famous Naadam Festival Tours are here.

Please check it out.
We were looking for a very special adventure holiday in Mongolia in June 2017. A unique tour combining extreme sporty character on mountain bikes with beautiful landscapes in remote areas. After a long preparation phase involving a lot of research we have found an ideal tour operator fulfilling our special needs: Alpha Team Tour really did a great job putting a perfect adventure travel programme together for us. Thanks to Erdee and her team for realizing this difficult task. We are already looking forward to our next Mongolia tour.
Monique, France
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